ReSpeaker Core v2.0 Case

Finally I fixed some small issues in my first design for the case for the ReSpeaker Core v2.0 board. Now you can download it at Thingiverse and print your own!

End of Februrary I went to the Embedded World fair in Nürnberg. As an owner of the ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array for Raspberry Pi I was very curious about the new ReSpeaker Core v2.0 board. Besides the hardware specs and the library with voice enhancement algorithms, the support for Debian also makes it interesting. Using apt-get and friends lowers the entry hurdle for Ubuntu and Debian users like me.

Long story short, I got the board in June and played already a little bit with it. I’ve implemented Node.js bindings and also implemented a small demo, which I will explain in detail in another post.

But to convince yourself of having a clean desk, the board needed a simple case. Some holes for the connectors in the first version of my design needed a better alignment. It took me till now to finish, but finally it’s ready!

First I made a model of the board, so I can virtually put it into the case and check if it fits.

Then I designed the case itself.

Four M3*8 screws are required to mount the board.

All connectors on the side of the board are accessible.

I plan to make an alternative version with holes on the bottom for a JST connector for a speaker and holes to mount a case for it.