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Score RDF/JS terms

The RDF community does a pretty good job writing code around specifications. But there could be more generic code that supports people testing or implementing algorithms for RDF graph data. There are many tiny libraries on my local machine which fit into that gap, just lacking better documentation or code coverage. @rdfjs/score is one of them, which finally got a small readme file and was added as an experimental feature to rdf-ext.

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Videos and Series of 2020

Maybe some of you watched more videos than the years before. I guess this will be the case in 2021 as well. That’s why I wrote down this summary of my favorites of 2020.

Vielleicht hat der ein oder andere im letzten Jahr ein paar Videos mehr angeschaut als in vorherigen Jahren. Weil es in 2021 vielleicht auch noch ganz gute Chancen gibt Videos zu schauen, habe ich die für mich wichtigsten Videos und Serien aus 2020 hier kurz zusammengefasst.

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Ligand binding affinity prediction using deep learning

I’m not an domain expert in protein binding or even biochemistry, but I have a strong interest in hacking with machines. Using an abstract view on life shows that we are just DNA based machines. The architecture is very different to the current silicon based machines, but I expect in the not so far future it will blur more and more. That’s how protein binding got my attention.

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New blog, old downloads

I have many small projects which don’t have a real home on the web. My PHP code to manage my WebID still does a good job, but the blog software part would need a rewrite. Right now I don’t have time for this, so I choose Hexo. It’s implemented in JavaScript, generates static files and supports markdown posts. Linked Data support would be cool, but let’s be pragmatic. I hope you like my adaption of the theme.

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