Unveiling the Unified Landscape: Bridging Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning

Knowledge Graphs combined with modern language models is still a hot topic. We have seen many demos in the past, and increasingly, they have become features in products, but most of the time, they are connected inefficiently. In this blog post, I will take a closer look at the essential building blocks of both worlds, their features, what makes them unique, and how they could be combined on a native level.


RDF/JS for Data Processing

While working on RDF/JS specifications, I fulfilled two roles.

As the chair, I had the goal that every feasible requirement submitted could be implemented based on what is written in the specification.

Being the author and maintainer of RDF-Ext, I contribute requirements to the group as well. In this blog post, I want to provide you with a closer look at one core idea I pushed forward - an idea that, until now, was spread over multiple discussions and comments on different GitHub issues.


Leaving the Sinking Zazuko Ship

After almost 9 years, I left Zazuko, the company I co-founded, for good at the end of June. Like I share my open-source libraries with you, I was hoping you could benefit from the lesson I learned about how a dark triad personality ruined a company.


LLM Zoo at Home: LLaMA & Alpaca

I guess it was not only my social media stream that was flooded with GPT4 news in the last few days. The results are impressive but not surprising to me. A combination of events, which are more important from my point of view, didn’t get that much attention: The LLM LLaMA runs on a Raspberry Pi, and Stanford students fine-tuned the model for $100.


To detect or not to detect LLM output

Recently the question of whether and how text generated by large language models (LLM) can be distinguished from human text showed up in the W3C Semantic Web mailing list. A solution that seems obvious at first glance would be to use the same technology for this purpose. There are already some tools that do exactly that. This blog post lists some of them. But that’s not a long-term solution. Let me explain why: