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RDF-Ext v1 Release

Finally RDF-Ext v1 is here! Maybe some of you already noticed that the packages on GitHub and npm have now a 1.* version number.

All packages are based now on the RDFJS spec. The spec is not yet final, but mainly editorial issues are open. I want to say thanks to all the people who helped creating that spec and made RDF-Ext v1 possible! At Zazuko we used the develop branches already for some projects and were quite happy about the new API and the performance of the stream processing. The lack of documentation is a known problem and we are trying to solve it soon.

Me and my colleagues at Zazuko invested a considerable amount of time into the development of this new RDF-Ext release and into the RDFJS spec. While part of the work was funded by projects we were working on, we would still appreciate additional funding, especially to finish documentation and examples. Our goal is to make it relatively easy to start with RDF and JavaScript for newcomers. If you would like to support our effort drop me an email.