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New blog, old downloads

I have many small projects which don’t have a real home on the web. My PHP code to manage my WebID still does a good job, but the blog software part would need a rewrite. Right now I don’t have time for this, so I choose Hexo. It’s implemented in JavaScript, generates static files and supports markdown posts. Linked Data support would be cool, but let’s be pragmatic. I hope you like my adaption of the theme.

Old downloads

Maybe you are still interesting in software or source code which I hosted on my old page. Here is a copy of the download page:

Vantage SettingsEditor

A Qt based editor for settings files of Vantage satellite receivers.


My experimental wavelet based video codec.


My IA32 research project.


A AviSynth plugin which currently only includes a noise filter.


A ProgDVB Diseqc plugin.


The image/photo processing software is still hosted on